Principles of the Mark

The guiding principle of the Imperial Mark is to reward any organization that performs far beyond the normal levels of excellence. There are only a handful of such organizations in the world at any one time, and the Mark rewards these with appropriate recognition.

The principles of the Imperial Mark only reward the very best.

They are designed to evaluate a diverse array of criteria, allowing for comparison with other similar organizations in the local region, as well as on a worldwide basis.

The Mark does not at any time take into consideration the cost or value ratio for a service, as such things are not directly related to performance.

The Imperial Mark remains a very rare and prestigious accolade largely as a result of the rigorous consideration process, outlined below.

  1. Open Nomination
    This allows for any member of the public, officer of corporation or otherwise to nominate an organization for consideration.

  2. Consideration
    The organization is held under consideration to ensure that it meets the criteria and initial standards necessary for the nomination to be approved and moved onto the evaluation stage. Approximately 30% of applicants reach this stage

  3. Evaluation
    At this stage the organization officially becomes a nominee.
    During this phase the activities and operations of the organization are reviewed and compared
    with the standard for the entire industry, as well as regional and national competitors. Approximately 5% of applicants reach this stage

  4. Conclusion
    This is the final phase of the process and takes into consideration the findings, reviews and reports oft he previous three parts.
    Less than 1% of initial applicants reach and complete this stage.



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